weekly Blog: 2017: 11/5 - 11/12: I MISS NYC by John OCallaghan

I was back in New York for a quick one week trip this past week documenting some social media coverage at the New York Comedy festival for TBS. I got to pass my old stomping grounds, see some old friends, and re-visit some of the places that have had a huge impact on my skill base and creativity. I stumbled past Jimmy DiResta's old L.E.S. shop, where Jimmy taught me how to tig weld, the SVA wood shop where I spent countless sleepless nights finishing projects for Jimmy DiResta and Kevin O'Callaghan's classes, and the Bay Crane shop where I did rigging to pay my way through college, to name a few. I even got the opportunity to check out the Chelsea Galleries where I use to fabricate artwork for artists like Tomas Saraceno. Below are a couple of projects I did in some of these shops during my stint in NYC. 

Weekly Blog: 2017: 10/28-11/4 : Archive Dig by John OCallaghan

Stephen Marino, Upstate NY, 2014-15ish

Stephen Marino, Upstate NY, 2014-15ish

Over the last month or two I have been cataloging all of my work and stumbled upon a bunch of never used photos from my Holga. I bought this plastic camera on a whim in San Francisco to shoot some 120 film and clicked away for a year or two with it through road trips and flights. Here are a couple of my favorites. From trips around from:

Germany with SOLOSHOT

Austria with Bern

Southwest with Big Eyes

Northeast with Marino

Weekly Blog: 2017: 10/21 - 10/28 : 1620 Workwear by John OCallaghan


1620 Workwear is a relatively new workwear brand out of the northeast, producing everything in the USA. The product is high end workwear, for the new age of workforce. Superior fabrics that stretch and breath while you work in them. As a guy that likes to get my hands dirty I see nothing but good things to come from this brand. 


This past week I shot a bunch of studio product for their new line with Soren Heil as well as a test shot in the shop with Jon Reiland from Close Fabrication as we worked on his Model A  for a future shoot. 


Check out my favorites below.