weekly Blog: 2017: 11/5 - 11/12: I MISS NYC / by John OCallaghan

I was back in New York for a quick one week trip this past week documenting some social media coverage at the New York Comedy festival for TBS. I got to pass my old stomping grounds, see some old friends, and re-visit some of the places that have had a huge impact on my skill base and creativity. I stumbled past Jimmy DiResta's old L.E.S. shop, where Jimmy taught me how to tig weld, the SVA wood shop where I spent countless sleepless nights finishing projects for Jimmy DiResta and Kevin O'Callaghan's classes, and the Bay Crane shop where I did rigging to pay my way through college, to name a few. I even got the opportunity to check out the Chelsea Galleries where I use to fabricate artwork for artists like Tomas Saraceno. Below are a couple of projects I did in some of these shops during my stint in NYC.